5 strategies to use for effective transitioning / transition



Lehlogonolo HR Consulting enables individuals – especially women – to transition through different stages of their lives both in the private and corporate spheres. I have been through various life stages myself and I am willing to share my experiences and that of other women to make it easier for the next generation to transition. Here are 5 strategies that I have used.


Have a vision


When I was young my parents encouraged me to dream big and work hard in order to achieve what I wanted. I grew up knowing that if I can think it, I can achieve it. I saw myself as a successful professional. I focused on my studies and qualified in record time. My first job was as an Intern. I was determined, keen and eager to learn all aspects of my job and the company. I started to build a foundation of knowledge during my Internship and it taught me things that still to this day I incorporate in my business life. Over the years I have had opportunities to work for major corporations like Transnet, Sasol, Deloitte, Anglo American and Standard Bank in senior Specialists and Managerial roles, gaining valuable experience and have contributed meaningfully to meet business objectives.


Surround yourself with people who support your vision


I was determined to succeed in my roles and was fortunate to have mentors and coaches that showed me the ropes and encouraged me to be the best at what I did. The lessons learned earlier in my career included; prioritizing my job; keeping my promises; doing what I said I would do; taking pride in my job; do everything right the first time and continuously being open to learning new things to improve myself. I have been successful in all parts although I made mistakes, I turned them around, learnt from them and made them successful lessons learned.


Follow-your dreams


This current chapter of my life is transitioning from corporate to an entrepreneurial position. This journey started three months ago. During this time, I have been working hard and smart in preparation for the re-launch of Lehlogonolo Consulting, which was established in 2001. The main services of Lehlogonolo HR Consulting are provision of various assessments and coaching solutions to individuals and corporates. Over the last few months I have realized that being grounded in faith, having a strong work ethic and being driven for results, are essential for success in business.


Equip yourself


As an Industrial Psychologist I have a better understanding of the behaviours displayed by individuals, teams and organisations. I have access to a variety of assessment tools which can be used for various applications such as selection, development, talent management and team engagements. I can Coach people to effectively deal with their thoughts; feelings; emotions as reflected in their behaviours to make sustainable changes in their lives. I encourage you to utilize the benefits from doing one of these assessments which will give you insights and assist you to identify your strengths and what you need to focus on. The results will then be used as a basis for coaching or development to close the identified gaps.


Live your dreams


Individuals have the capacity to continuously grow and re-invent themselves, to lead purposeful lives and be successful in their various roles. However, some people perish because they stopped growing and gave up on themselves. Lehlogonolo HR Consulting offers you the valuable opportunity to reflect on your current situation and to create successful strategies to handle life transitions.