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Part 2: 4 things to do to take back your power

1. Connect to your superpower

Have the conviction to make choices that are aligned to your superpower. People believe in different superpowers. Pick yours and stick to it. The best way to re-connect with your superpower is to take actions that you have taken or would take when you meet someone new that you love. You tend to spend most of your waking hours thinking about that person, want to call them all the time and spend all the time with them. Then, when you are with them you want to learn more about them, what they like or dislike, how they want to be treated and plans they have for both of you.

This is the way I reconnected with my superpower who is God. I spent time reading the bible, listening to Christian music, going to church, in fellowship with other Christians, attending training and attending a variety of other church activities. There are guidelines on how to live in a godly manner; it is not easy -sometimes I stumbled and fell, but I knew that God was by my side, so I stood up every time after falling. I also reflected on my life and saw the hand of God upon my life.

Sometimes, when we go through challenges we tend to be discouraged because we don’t understand why, but afterwards, we realize that our experiences made us stronger. So, through understanding what is expected from you from your superpower, you will then be able to make decisions – big or small. The decisions that we make daily determine who we become. There is a saying that you are where you are today because of all the decisions that you made in your life. This means that if you do not like where you are today, you need to make different decisions in line with what you want in life.

2. Believe in yourself

Everyone is responsible for using their power to make choices about their lives. Each person is unique and on a different path in their lives. We make decisions daily, so we should not be worried about making the wrong decisions. If we make mistakes, we need to learn from them and move on. By believing in ourselves, we allow other people to trust us to make decisions. Sometimes, doubt may creep in, but we just need to remember that we are bigger than the situation.

For example, it is essential to believe that as an individual you have what it takes to succeed in whatever you are doing. Define your own success and work towards achieving it. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by the challenges that you face in your life. As individuals, we know ourselves better than others do, so let us use this information to our advantage. If you know that you can tackle issues head-on just do it.

I have been in situations where I knew I needed to do something, but I let doubt get the better of me. Sometimes I would defer making the decision and then someone would make the same decision that I was veering towards, but didn’t have the courage to make. I learned over the years to believe in myself and trust that I am making the right decisions that serve me and others. Let’s capitalize on what we are good at and ask for help where we need to.

3. Learn from the experience

Past experiences remind us not to repeat the same mistakes but should not stop us from living our lives. People who make mistakes are people are doing something.  Those who make no mistakes usually don’t do anything. Don’t just learn from your own mistakes, learn from other people’s mistakes as well.

Sometimes we go through the same issue more than once and we respond to it the same way we responded the first time. Maybe its time we try a different response and see what will happen.  Einstein defined insanity as repeatedly doing the same thing but expecting a different result!

I remember early in my career I wanted to do everything by myself without involving other people. I always got feedback that I needed to involve others more often. I respond that other people were busy with their tasks and I didn’t want to disturb them. The feedback persisted and then I decided to approach the matter differently by asking people how they wanted to be involved. I was surprised to learn that most people preferred to be involved from the beginning.  By changing my approach, the people around me became more comfortable, and I learned from my experiences.

4. Act

The best way to take back your power is to start making choices. In life we have to make choices, some easy, and others difficult. Sometimes we tell ourselves that it is better to do nothing, and we think we didn’t make a choice. Instead, whatever you decide to do you are making a choice.

For example, when going through a major life transition you may think: I will wait a bit longer until the situation changes. Remember that the situation doesn’t change by itself. In fact, you have chosen to let the situation remain as it is. I remember when I started re-focusing my energy on building my business, I would give myself a few days off – resting, without doing anything. The work that I left unfinished would still be waiting for me a few days later when I came back to it! Acting is the only way to bring about change in the situation.

In conclusion, we all have the power to make choices that will bring about positive change in our lives. We just need to use the internal and external resources to give us the courage to make choices for our own, and others’, benefit.

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